GeoMat is qualified as a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Technology Service
Provider. Acquisition excellence is available through GSA for GeoMat to serve federal agencies
and industry partners in the civil engineering, environmental, and geotechnical disciplines. GSA
provides Professional Engineering Services (PES) through Special Item Numbers (SINs)
comprising distinct phases of engineering projects. GeoMat is qualified by GSA for the following:

Contractor shall provide operational services, advice or guidance in support of agencies’
Environmental Compliance Services. Examples include, but are not limited to:
- Environmental Compliance Audits
- Compliance Management and/or Contingency Planning
- Permitting
- Pollution Prevention Surveys
- ISO 14000, Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Contractors shall provide operational services, advice, or guidance in support of agencies’
Occupational Training Services. Examples include, but are not limited to:
- Standard Off-the-Shelf Courses
- Development and Computer-based Interactive Courses
- Conversion of Existing Courses to Electronic Media
***Training can be conducted on or off-site on any number of environmental related issues
including, Fire Preparedness Training and Public Fire Safety Education.

SCHEDULE OF TRAINING COURSES (Prepare one for each course offered)
                        (Course Price Data Sheet)
Title of Course                   Length of Course (# of Hrs/Days):
Total Price of Course         $____________         Maximum Number of Participants:
Commercial Price:              $____________         Maximum Number of Participants:
Government Discount from the Commercial Price ____________%
Price per each additional participant of the minimum (if applicable) $___________
Description of Course__________________________________________________

Contractors shall provide operational services, advice, or guidance in support of agencies’
Waste Management Services and Software. Examples included, but are not limited to:
- Data Collection, Feasibility or Risk Analysis

- Resource Conservation an Recovery Act (RCRA)/ Comprehensive Environmental Response,
  Compensation and Liability Act CERCLA) Site Investigation
- Waste Characterization and Source Reduction Studies
- Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Initiatives
Furnishing Software via compact disc, or on-line via Internet. Provisions of Material Safety
Data Sheets (MSDA), Reporting and Compliance Software, Hazardous Materials Tracking
Software and other related software.

Contractors shall provide the full range of methods and technologies supporting activities
necessary for Remediation Services to the extent allowed by the Service Contract Act under
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR 37.3 Dismantling, Demolition, or Removal of Improvements)
in accordance with host nation, federal, state, and/or local statutes and regulations.
Remediation Services include, but are not limited to, excavation, removal, remediation related
laboratory testing, transportation, storage, treatment and/or disposal of hazardous waste.
Also, preparation, characterization, field investigation, conservation and site closures; wetland
restoration, emergency response, Underground Storage Tank (UST)/Aboveground Storage Tank
(AST) removal, air monitoring, soil vapor extraction, stabilization/solidification, bio-venting,
carbon absorption, reactive walls, containment, monitoring and/or reduction of hazardous
waste sites as well as ordnance removal and support. Remediation contractors shall conform to
environmental permits, decision document requirements or other legal requirements.
Examples include but are not limited to: Excavation, removal, manifesting transportation,
storage, treatment (on-site and off-site) and /or disposal of hazardous waste.
- Preparation, Characterization, Field Investigation, Conservation and Closure of Site.
- Excavation, Removal, Transportation, Storage, Treatment and/or Disposal of Hazardous
- Emergency Response
- UST/AST Removal
- Air Monitoring
- Soil Vapor Extraction; Stabilization/Solidification; Bio-Venting; Carbon Absorption and/or
  Reactive Walls and Containment

Inappropriate use of this SIN is providing Remediation Services not specifically related to
operational services, advice or guidance and its associated disciplines. In addition, Construction
and Architect-Engineering Services as set forth in FAR Part 36 (including construction, alteration
or repair of building, structures, or other real property) are not authorized. Service providers
interested in providing these services may contact GSA’s Public Building Service (PBS) for
additional information.
Note: This effort does NOT include radioactive or nuclear waste.

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