Mr. Murray has 35-year experience with background in public and private sector
partnerships. He is an Experienced communicator, marketing/sales, and
organizational facilitator. Currently, He is a U.S. Federal, state and municipal
adviser and consultant.

In October of 2006, James M. Murray was named to serve on the Steering
Committee of the Urban Studies and Planning Program (USP) by Steven P. Erie,
Director, USP University of California, San Diego (UCSD).
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James Michael Murray, Marketing Manager
Present:         Sales and Marketing Manager, GeoMat Engineering, Inc. Primary activity is pioneering Environmental
                 Management Systems (EMS) business in Libya.

2002-2005      Strategic Advisor to Management Consultant division of the Los Angeles County Economic
                 Development Corporation for Critical Infrastructure policy, i.e. economic, energy and
                 environmental sustainable development. Stormwater Planning Facilitator:
                 Coordinated coastal stormwater planning with State of California Education, Environmental and Policy

                 Advisor and consultant to City of San Diego Environmental Services Department.

2001               Facilitator for U. S. Environmental Protection Agency to broaden lead-based paint outreach program
                 along U.S.-Mexico border.

1998-2000      Facilitator for U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric
                 Administration (NOAA), Office of International Affairs to recruit and organize a private sector
                 (CEO level) advisory committee to activate implementation of a model project for Asia Pacific
                 Economic Cooperation (APEC) 26 governments to protect ocean and coastal zones from land
                 based activities. First stage completed: December/1999. Result: former Secretary of Commerce         
                 Bill Daley presented the proposed project at the APEC Presidents’ 1999 meeting in New Zealand        
                 where economic ministers endorsed it. Budget came from Environmental Protection Agency,         
                 White House, U.S. Agency for International Development, NOAA, Department of Commerce, and
                 the State Department. Recruited decision-making team from URS, EarthTech (TYCO), Louis Berger,
                 and Port of Long Beach (president) for meetings in Manila in May 2000. Matched U.S. and
                 counterpart firms in Philippines to partner in new APEC model projects with U.S./Philippine federal
                 agencies, and export credit agency finance sources.

1994-2002      Published 61 articles in the BIC Environmental, Industrial and Construction Trade Journal, Baton   
                 Rouge, LA, (readership: oil, chemical and refinery industries).

1995-1999      Facilitator providing environmental services for University of California at San Diego, City of San
                 Diego, and strategic business services for AIG, ARCO, Saudi Royal Family, Governments of
                 India/Mexico, Qualcomm, Silicon Valley Bank.

1992-1994      Started-up, managed, and raised budget for U.S. Environmental Technology Export Council (etec)—
                 expanding paid CEO membership from three to 90 firms. Produced five federal/private sector
                 conferences. Published/Co-edited with Publisher/Editors of Environmental Business Journal, monthly
                 Environmental Export Report. Co-directed with president of the Institute of the Americas, U.S.
                 Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Latin America Market Development
                 Cooperator Program (1993-4). Objective was to facilitate exports and marketing of U.S.
                 environmental goods and services. Coordinated closely with directors of World Bank and Latin
                 America institutional finance organizations.

1987-1991       Facilitated international business development for IBM Europe, PG&E, SDG&E, AT&T International
                  Purchasing Co., Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas, Energotechprom (Russian
                  Ministry of Energy--utility infrastructure division). Represented the Mayor of San Diego in trade
                  planning with governments of Scotland in 1987, Russia in 1988.        

1978-1999       Managed and facilitated business and personal security services for 20 different Royal Family of
                  Saudi Arabia families in Los Angeles. Duties included managing personnel, coordinating with local
                  law enforcement sources and networking with a number of the most experienced security firm
                  leaders in the U.S. Additionally, managed purchasing (sourcing), banking, and personal agenda
                  planning for the Saudis.  

1977-1978       Facilitated strategic business development and consulting services for San Diego Urban League
                 called Business Outreach. Today, result is the (San Diego) Community Development Corporation
                 CDC—the largest SBA lender in the U.S. with a loan portfolio of $700 million primarily to women and

1975-1976      Produced first buyers trade fair for minorities and women to sell to 200 of the largest business,
                 federal, state and local government buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area—as President, Bay Area
                 Trade Fair (BATF) Inc. (Edgar Kaiser, Chairman, Kaiser Industries was BATF Chairman).
                 Concurrently, directed marketing for the U. S. Department of Commerce, Office of Minority Business,
                 San Francisco Bay Area Purchasing Council--facilitating new contracts.
1970-1974      Facilitated community economic development and communications for Bayview-Hunters Point Model   
                 Cities Program, Mayor's Office of San Francisco: (annual administrative budget $5 million). Editor,
                 Bayview-Hunters Point Model Neighborhood News (65,000 residents). Editor/Organizational Advisor,
                 44 pages Citizens Participation Handbook. Marketing director, Southeast Community Development.
                 Corp. to market ($60 million) India Basin Industrial Park/7,500 jobs & for 3,000 housing units ($100
                 million) built in Hunters Point.

1965-1970      Managed economic development department of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
                 and represented the chamber as liaison to the Mayor's Office. Managed building permitting
                 and variance procedures for chamber members, represented chamber before city and county board
                 of supervisors, and State of California. Team leader, official U.S. Trade Delegation to
                 London,  England in 1970. Managed lobbying support for Embarcadero and Transamerica
                 building projects in San Francisco. Chamber negotiator with labor unions. Managed start-up of     
                 SF.  Business Magazine—six months later Associate Editor: Published articles periodically   
                 from 1965-1970. Directed U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Economic Development
                 Administration Industrial Survey of S.F. Pioneered and produced first minority jobs program at
                 chamber and recruited first minority executives. Pioneered and produced first minority and women
                 owned business trade fair for sellers to buyers in S.F. Coordinated  Housing and Urban
                 Development $160 million economic rejuvenation of Bayview-Hunters Point. Represented Chamber
                 as Mobilization Committee Member, University of California at Berkeley Board of Educational               
                 Development (administrative structure for institutional change).

1964-1965      Pioneered sales in San Francisco East Bay territory (1/1-7/1/65), for Marion Labs., K.C., MO

2007               Named Chairman of the UCSD USP Advisory Board

2006                Appointed to University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Urban Studies and Planning (USP)
                  Advisory Board: USP is the oldest interdisciplinary institution at UCSD.

2000                Named to board of directors of Mountain Lion Foundation

1998                Named Member, ETTAC Finance Committee

1997                Reappointed to ETTAC by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Michael Kantor

1995                Named Chairman, ETTAC Communications Committee.

1994                As Nominee of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste
                  Management, Appointed by Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown to U.S. Environmental Technologies
                  Trade Advisory Committee—ETTAC—sole subcommittee of 19 Cabinet level U.S. Trade Promotion
                  Coordinating Committee.

                   Advisor to staff of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer on Environmental Technology Exports.

1990-1993       Appointed by Mayor to City of San Diego's International Affairs Board.