Mr. Chak has a B.S. degree in civil engineering from University of Kansas and an
M.S. degree in civil engineering. He is a registered civil engineer and
geotechnical engineer in the State of California and also holds California's
registered environmental assessor license.

Mr. Chak has over 30 years of experience in the field of environmental and
geotechnical engineering, site assessment and project management. He has
demonstrated success as a manager of underground tank removals and site
cleanups. He has been involved in testing, development and evaluation of
breakthrough remediation technologies.
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Javed Chak, P.E., G.E., R.E.A., President

Treatability, Pilot and Full-Scale Test of Innovative Remediation Technology.

Managed construction and testing of innovative “Detoxifier” soil remediation system. Managed development and
construction of pilot system and first Treatability test demonstration. Managed first demonstration of this $3MM self-
propelled, highly innovative mobile soil remediation system for cleanup of petroleum wastes at a GATX Terminal in
Carson, CA.

Development and Application of “Terra Analyzer” Innovative Soil Characterization Technology. Managed
development and pilot of “Terra Analyzer,” Soil Characterization Technology including pilot tests and treatability
studies. The Terra Analyzer was a unique and highly sophisticated drill-bit that housed the instruments that had
many physical and chemical analytical capabilities. The innovation of this system was its ability for analyzing the type
and level of contamination on a real-time basis without removing a soil sample and transporting it to a lab for
analysis. The Terra Analyzer used chromatography, spectroscopy, diffraction and laser technologies. Reports were
prepared, press releases developed and marketing presentations were made.

Innovative Technology Development. Principal scientist for the development of highly innovative and patented in-situ
chemical/bio-remediation technology for soil detoxification, named the ”Terra-Sure” for in-situ characterization and
Detoxification of soil contaminated with hazardous wastes without removal. The technology was tested by the U.S
EPA under the Site program.

UST Site Closures. Mr. Chak managed several gas station site remediations in southern California at Thrifty Oil
Company and Chevron and several stations with leaking underground tanks. Obtained necessary permits, managed
staging and testing of contaminated soils, excavation removal and salvage of UST, transportation of contaminated
soils, confirmation sampling, analytical work and preparation of site closure reports. Site Investigation and
Remediation. Mr. Chak managed a project in Irvine, CA. For Pacific Construction and Interior which involved Phase I
environmental assessment, Phase II site investigation including the installation, testing and sampling of
groundwater monitoring wells and the development of engineering specifications and costs for removal and disposal
of contaminated soils.

Investigation and design of earthfill dams, reservoirs and levees. Mr. Chak was responsible for site investigation and
design of several major earthfill dams and reservoirs in California, these included, Calaveras dam, Live Oak
reservoir, auld Valley dam and Riverside Treatment plant reservoir.  He was responsible for the field coordination of
several phases of dam and reservoir construction, he designed and supervised the installation of cut off wall for the
control of seepage and design and installation of drains.  

Mr. Chak performed seismic risk assessment and provided design response spectrum and design ground motion for
the dams, high rise buildings, shopping plazas and other industrial facilities. Mr. Chak used finite element method to
perform detailed dynamic analysis of dams and nuclear power plants. Mr. Chak participated in the design of flood
control facilities and design of retaining structures.