GeoMat has been providing engineering, environmental and construction services to a great variety of clients since
its founding in 1987.  The following listing of clients and projects very briefly describes the services provided by the
firm.  Detailed project descriptions, including references, will be provided on request.

•        Los Angeles District, United States Army Corps of Engineers:  GeoMat has provided multiple environmental
services at Fort Irwin, National Training Center for the Los Angeles District.  These services have included asbestos
surveys for over 400 buildings, the development and implementation of a discharge sampling plan for selected
industrial facilities, and vapor recovery testing at three (3) gas stations located on site, Site investigation for
hydrocarbons, metals and PCBs and investigation for the Air Quality base wide.

•        US Army general Environmental Engineering Contract: Three years IDIQ contract to supply environmental
assessment field investigations and groundwater monitoring for existing landfills and waste water treatment
plant. PCB investigation was performed including improvement of contaminated areas throughout the base.
Testing and evaluation of fugitive emissions were performed for Internal Combustion Engines. This project
included studies leading to the provision of filters to reduce emissions and retrofitting or replacement of units.
Waste water Treatment plant groundwater sampling and testing was performed which included analysis of volatile
and non volatiles at National Training Center, Fort Irwin (2001-2004).

•        US General Services Administration 5 to 20 years contract to supply multi purpose environmental services to
the federal clients. The services include unlimited amount of contract value for federal local and international

•        Three 9 million dollar contract with General Services administration managed from San Bernardino County,
California, for environmental investigations and computerization of the US Base. Assessment of filters and catalytic
converters for reduction of Toxic air emissions.         

•        Phase I Initial Site Assessments, Properties in Los Angeles and El Segundo, Resolution Trust Corporation:  
GeoMat has provided multiple Phase I site assessments for these properties.  Several required comprehensive
asbestos surveys.

•        Development of In-Situ Soil Remediation Technology, Advanced Technology for Waste, Santa Barbara, CA:  
GeoMat developed and implemented a field technology utilizing bioventing, excavation, lining, trenching, and

•        UST Site Closures, Thrifty Oil Corporation, La Puente, CA:  GeoMat provided engineering and management
services for the removal and replacement of four (4) USTs.

•        Remediation of Hazardous Waste Contaminated Soils, 5.2 acre site, GATX Terminals Corporation, Long
Beach, CA:  GeoMat provided remedial design and management oversight of this complex site.

•        Geotechnical Engineering Consulting Services, City of La Habra, CA:  GeoMat has provided  geotechnical
engineering services to the City of La Habra 1997.

•        Soil and Foundation Investigation Services and Phase I Site Assessments, Multiple Sites, Western United
States, Rite Aid Pharmacies, Inc.:  GeoMat continues to provide geotechnical and environmental services to Rite Aid
during an aggressive real estate and construction program.

•        Site Characterization Studies and UST Replacement Management Services, Los Angeles County Department
of Public Works, Seventeen (17) locations, Los Angeles County:  GeoMat has provided program management
services for a seventeen-site “package” for facility upgrades.

•        Geotechnical Consulting Services, San Joaquin Corridor Agency, Orange County, CA:  GeoMat has provided
engineering design and construction management services for geotechnical components of this transportation

•        For Livingston Canal Spill in Livingston- initial planning was carried out to control the spill in emergency.  A
gorge was proposed for immediate control of spill. A plan was put in place to secure the site to prevent further
deterioration of the area.

•        For Alipaz State in San Juan Capistrano  - prepared a feasibility plan, performed research for local conditions
(subsurface & surface) including storms and run-off conditions. Performed design for retaining walls, culverts, pipes
catch basin and other related civil facilities. Provided initial conceptual designs and alternatives, produced
drawings and supporting data.  

•        For San Juan Corporate Plaza in San Juan Capistrano – Feasibility studies were carried out for the project.
Drainage control in the flood zone required an initial conceptual design and plans for the proposed facilities. Plans
and  associated data were submitted to the client and the review agencies.  

•        For Riverside County Flood Control District- Performed hydraulic design of major flood control works adjacent
to Lake Ellsinore, including design of Wasson Canyon Debris Basin and dam appurtenant overflow and bypass

•        For US CORPS of Engineers- Performed comprehensive study of Coast of California Storm and Tidal Wave
study with special emphasis on the river sediment discharge.

•        Soil and Foundation Investigation Services and Civil Engineering- drainage, culvert and flow channel
designs, For Multiple Sites, Western United States, Rite Aid Pharmacies, Inc.:  GeoMat provided geotechnical and
civil engineering services to Rite Aid during an aggressive real estate and construction program.

•        Soil and Foundation Investigation Services and Civil Engineering Studies, Western United States, AUTO
ZONE:  GeoMat has provided geotechnical and civil engineering services to Auto Zone during an aggressive real
estate and construction program.
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