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Civil/Environment Construction services
We provide technical assistance to our clients in all
phases of operations. Our remedial action plan begins
with technical advisory services. Technical personnel
perform on-site investigations designed to determine the
scope of the problem. We work with the client to identify
feasible alternative approaches, select the best
approach, and then implement the remedial solution.

GeoMat's highest priority is to serve clients through
aggressive implementation of practical and
cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges. A
small business with low overhead, GeoMat offers
responsive and economical service to its clients for a
variety of environmental needs.  The general categories
of civil and environmental design and construction we
provide includes the following:
GeoMat offers a wide range of remedial construction
services to a variety of industrial sector clients – both
public and private. GeoMat has provided
environmental services to mineral, wood products,
petrochemical, railroad, utilities, and other industrial
clients. One reason for the successful history of our
remediation projects is our turnkey, project-specific

•        Roadway design and construction
•        Mine-tailings removal and containment
•        Landfill construction and closure
•        Reservoir and slope repairs and design
•        Biopolymer wall construction
•        Slurry wall construction
•        Geomembrane-system installation
•        Landform construction and operation
•        Boiler investigation and Installations

Soil Handling and Remediation:

GeoMat has extensive experience in excavation and contaminated-soil handling techniques. Projects range in size
from small underground tank excavations to large mine waste and lagoon remediation projects. Much of the
equipment used is drawn from our affiliate company, which maintains one of the largest heavy equipment fleets in the
country. Our unique ability to obtain all sizes of equipment on short notice allows GeoMat to respond quickly to any
excavation requirement. Our highly trained equipment operators and experienced Project Managers ensure the use
of the proper type of equipment to meet any project-specific materials handling requirement.

GeoMat provides all phases of environmental services to its variety of client base. Besides investigative work
extensive environmental remediation work is carried out. Described below is the remedial aspects of GeoMat’s work.


•        Contaminated soil/sludge excavation and transport
•        Hydrocarbon recovery
•        Groundwater recovery, treatment, and re-injection
•        Vapor extraction and soil flushing
•        Active and in-situ bioremediation
•        Thermal soil treatment
•        Sludge desiccation, stabilization, and solidification

GeoMat often performs treatability studies to optimize selected remedies and ensure compliance with Land Disposal
Restrictions and other applicable environmental regulations.

Centrifugal separation and filter pressing are technologies offered by GeoMat that can be used to minimize costs by
pretreating wastes such as sludge and oily substances. Additional savings are sometimes realized using these
techniques to recover recyclable products from the waste stream. GeoMat also offers a complete array of materials
handling and processing equipment including screening equipment for size separation, crushers for size reduction,
and pugmills for mixing of stabilization agents.