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Facility and Equipment Decontamination
GeoMat provides facility and equipment
decontamination services that remove
contaminants, thus allowing salvage or reuse of
facilities.  Other actions that GeoMat has furnished
in this category include:
•        Asbestos abatement
•        Lead paint remediation
•        Surplus and residual product removal
•        Hydro blasting and grit blasting
•        PCB-Contaminated transformer removal or
replacement and/or structure demolition
To select the proper decontamination approach to a problem, GeoMat begins with a detailed site assessment
and review of existing site data. Planned uses for the facility, health and safety issues, and target cleanup levels
are evaluated carefully. From this information, we develop a technical approach and complete a work plan based
on the type of contamination, materials to be decontaminated, and cleanup objectives. The decontamination plan
may include bench-scale and pilot-scale testing to verify the efficiency of the proposed methodology before
full-scale implementation at the project site.