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Underground and Storage Tank services

Groundwater recovery and treatment systems are designed
and constructed after careful evaluation of investigative data
by GeoMat's staff of geologists and engineers. Recovery
systems are installed by GeoMat’s trained crews with on-site
supervision provided by highly qualified geologists.
 GeoMat has the knowledge and ability to evaluate, advice,
and implement tank management programs. Our
underground storage tank (UST) experience includes
evaluating petroleum tanks at gasoline stations and
terminals; UST farms containing low flash point chemicals at
major manufacturing plants; and sites involving real estate
transactions where the existence and condition of USTs are
important negotiating considerations. We have developed
an extensive program through which we design and
implement cost-effective solutions to reduce liability risks of
 We are able to develop a site-specific program to meet
client needs or provide any of the following services:
•        Tank removal and replacement
•        Monitoring well installation
•        Fuel sampling/filtering
•        Product and sludge
•        Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis
•        Site investigation
•        Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater
•        Ecological risk assessment
•        Regulatory compliance services
In addition to off-the-shelf treatment equipment, our chemical engineering staff can design specific treatment
systems to treat nearly any contaminant. Considerations evaluated in selection and design of water treatment
systems include flow rates, contaminants, concentrations, and quantities. Selection of treatment strategy by our
clients is aided by the development of a matrix of options after reviewing available data.      
Well installation can be performed using a variety of techniques depending on soil type and size requirements for
the well. The construction of recovery and monitoring wells is carefully evaluated prior to installation to optimize
well performance. A variety of well systems are available including deep wells, ejector wells, and well point
systems. Selection of the appropriate systems are dependent on a number of factors which are carefully
evaluated prior to installation.

In addition to well systems, GeoMat also installs other recovery systems including interceptor trenches,
subsurface drain systems, slurry walls, and barrier systems. For shallow contamination problems, these drain
systems are often more effective and cost efficient than traditional well systems.