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Projects - Engineering Services
GeoMat staff has proven experience in all phases of civil engineering and structural design for a variety of
commercial and industrial facilities. Our design projects included low rise and high-rise buildings, using steel or
concrete materials or combination of these. GeoMat has worked with wood and masonry as well. GeoMat has
worked with the specialists to reach the best solutions for the use of interior and exterior materials for optimum
design and construction results at each location.  Decision is made based on both the aesthetics and the
economics of the project.
GeoMat is highly experienced in performing precision excavations using qualified survey crews to carefully
delineate areas for excavation. These areas are carefully staked in advance and the progress of the excavation
is monitored continually to avoid unwanted disposal costs. GeoMat is also experienced in shoring, benching,
sloping, and other support systems often required in sensitive excavations. Dewatering systems and groundwater
depression systems can be installed should excavation be required below static groundwater levels.

The general categories of civil design and construction services we provide are the following:

•        Office Buildings
•        Hotels and Recreational Facilities
•        Shopping Centers

The work includes initial consulting to provide feasibility studies, planning and subsurface investigations to assess
foundation conditions and advise potentially problematic issues. Finally provide the detailed design services.

GeoMat and its staff have worked on major projects for the United States Department of Defense, Department of
the Army, Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force; Los Angeles Water and Power Commission;
United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Marine and Offshore industry, Petroleum industry, NASA, and
aerospace industry.

GeoMat staff has proven experience in all phases of civil engineering related to commercial and industrial
facilities. Specifically, the projects included buildings, shopping centers, recreational facilities, hotels, defense
facilities and underground structures. GeoMat has extensive experience in controlling the field activities related to
the above projects.