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Projects - Environmental
GeoMat staff members have impressive
individual experience in all phases of
environmental investigation, remedial design,
environmental management and regulatory
compliance, construction observation and
oversight.  Our staff takes pride in its record of
managing and directing complex projects
requiring a high degree of attention to detail,
high degrees of technical competence, and
responsiveness to client requirements.
The GeoMat staff has substantial experience in:

•        Site assessments (Phase I and II)
•        Feasibility studies
•        Remedial investigations
•        Remedial designs
•        Innovative remedial technologies
•        Site closures
•        Mine tailing facility design and cleanup
•        Low-level radioactive waste cleanup
•        Air Quality assessments- Emission Inventories
•        Boilers & Internal Combustion Engine Investigations

With respect to environmental compliance, our staff has provided assistance to private and public clients throughout
the State of California – one of the most rigidly regulated industrial environments in the United States.  This
compliance experience includes:

•        Site Closure & reports
•        Waste minimization studies
•        Underground storage tank reports
•        Environmental permitting
•        Regulatory compliance reports.
•        Air Quality assessment and Improvements

Many of our staff professionals have substantial experience in the design and operation of water and wastewater
treatment facilities, including:

•        The design of potable water supplies for municipalities, special districts, and private systems
•        The design of storm water collection and monitoring systems
•        The design and operation of wastewater treatment facilities
•        Groundwater hydrology studies
•        Surface water hydrology studies.