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Projects - Geotechnical
The most senior managers within GeoMat have long term
experience within the general field of geotechnical engineering.  
The more fundamental components of commercial geotechnical
engineering – soil and foundation investigations, construction
observation, and material quality testing and verification – remain
as a significant part of GeoMat’s business.

Soil and Foundation Investigations:

In the last twenty years,  GeoMat has provided multiple site soil
and foundation investigations throughout the western United
States for a number of Fortune 500 clients.  These firms have
evidenced repeated trust and confidence in the structural
foundation recommendations made by GeoMat’s Registered
Geotechnical Engineers.  Once GeoMat has provided such load-
bearing capacity data, and other geotechnical data as may be
requested, these clients have often requested that the firm
continue to have on-going involvement with each building
construction project.  
The soil and foundation services provided by the firm include:

•        Development of a geotechnical data collection plan (with environmental data)
•        Investigation and design of Dams and reservoirs
•        Design and supervision of Deep Foundations for high rise and large structures
•        Site development and field grading and compaction.
•        Landslide investigations and stabilization of slopes
•        Review of development plans for large complexes in the light of foundation requirements

Dam/Reservoir Investigations:

GeoMat’s engineers and geologists have substantial prior experience in providing:

•        Surface and sub-surface soil and geologic investigations
•        Foundation investigations
•        Stabilization and improvement of existing earth structures
•        Stability analyses.

Seismic Risk Investigations:

Much of the service area of GeoMat is located in seismically active areas.  GeoMat offers:

•        Site seismicity studies
•        Site dependent spectra and ground motion evaluations
•        Dynamic stability analyses
•        Evaluation of site liquefaction potential