Computer Resources & Capabilities

GeoMat has a state of the art computer network of latest Pentiums IV’s
along with latest laser printers and plotters. Every engineer in the office
is well versed with computer operations and the use of multiple
software currently being used in the industry for engineering and
related work. GeoMat has fast speed media to electronically transfer
data. Internet capabilities are routinely used to receive and send data.

Our staff has extensive experience in working with a variety of software
to optimize engineering calculations, data handling and production of
drawings.  All drawings at GeoMat’s offices are produced using
Computer aided design and drafting (CADD) program. GeoMat has
produced countless drawings on CADD system for several years and
currently we are utilizing version 2000 of CADD.  Several professional
engineering programs are used to perform structural and civil
engineering calculations. We use Microsoft Excel for data storage and
data organization. Project management is handled with Microsoft
Project Manager.
Computer Resources & Capabilities
Some of the computer programs have been developed in house to address special needs of the engineering projects.
GeoMat has the capabilities to deliver 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional drawings on CADD in Bentley Micro Station NT
software in 5.05 version. GeoMat will deliver drawing files in Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support (CALS)
CCITT Group 4 raster format.