The GeoMat project-management system has been developed to efficiently coordinate the total project
effort. This coordination is achieved through a system of project-management techniques including:

•        A standardized approach to the management of projects;
•        Close client coordination and liaison;
•        Administrative control of scope changes; and
•        Careful management monitoring of scope, schedule, and budget.

Before a project begins, a project team is formed. The Project Manager provides the liaison between
GeoMat and the client, and oversees the day-to-day workings of the project team. The balance of the
project team typically includes:

•        A Quality-Control Officer who maintains compliance of the work performed with the contract
•        A Safety Officer who defines, implements, and enforces the project-safety program and procedures;
•        A field and office data monitoring and documentation coordinator who assures that field sampling,
analytical procedures, and laboratory QA/QC programs are followed; and
•        A Project Administrator who captures daily costs for each work element, representing the major input
data to GeoMat's project-management system.

The individual work elements of each project are measured as a function of time. As daily costs are
accumulated against each element, a direct comparison of estimated versus actual cost is available to the
client. A value-earned technique also allows a determination of the value earned for the actual work
performed on each work element. GeoMat uses a computerized project-management system on major
projects to enhance effectiveness
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Management & Staffs
Resources, Bonding, and Insurance

GeoMat, can draw upon a vast array of resources unmatched by our competition. Accepting the challenges
of a large project, developing innovative solutions to the complexities of a project, and completing a project
on schedule and within budget have become hallmarks of GeoMat. GeoMat has the technical and
operational expertise to successfully complete any Civil engineering project. GeoMat has ample reserve
staff resources to supplement its highly qualified staff to meet the client’s requirements at any level nature
of civil related work.

GeoMat’s resources include:

•        Latest model and network of computers
•        Software to perform engineering analyses & Project Management
•        CAD and multiple drawing and plotting Capabilities
•        In house programmers to set up new programs to suit to the requirements of the project
•        Automated data management and accounting system
•        Comprehensive Insurance & Bondx`
The goal of the GeoMat Health and Safety Program is to establish and maintain a safe work place and
thereby prevent and eliminate all accidents or injuries. This goal is attained by maintaining a staff of safety
professionals at the corporate level, proper training, medical tracking of employees, and an aggressive and
accountable accident management program. The success of this goal is measured utilizing OSHA and
Worker's Compensation indices.

Health and Safety Organization:

The GeoMat Corporate Director of Health and Safety is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified
Safety Professional (CSP) experienced in managing health and safety programs for the Department of
Defense, Department of Energy, City Counties and the private commercial industries. The Director reports to
the President of GeoMat and is tasked with the development of corporate policies and procedures which are
uniformly implemented across the company. In addition, the Director oversees and manages the
development of the health and safety program for all remediation and cleanup projects.

Site health and safety duties are performed by career safety professionals who have academic and technical
training in occupational health and safety, and possess experience in the understanding of OSHA health and
safety regulations, confined space entry, air monitoring techniques, and elements of construction safety.

A project-specific Site Health and Safety Plan is normally prepared by GeoMat and submitted to the client for
review by the client’s internal Health and Safety organization.  Following revisions and approvals, this plan
becomes an integral part of the project itself – always serving as a prime references source when necessary
and frequently reviewed for emphasis and understanding at project “tailgate” safety meetings at the job site.

Health and Safety Training:

GeoMat provides a full range of training classes in hazardous materials management and emergency
response. Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors and scientists, and meet the current OSHA
requirements for training of personnel involved in handling hazardous materials. Classes offered include:

•        40-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Operations
•        8-Hour Hazardous Waste Annual Refresher Training
•        8-Hour Supervisor Training for Hazardous Waste Site Operations
Of all our in-place systems, GeoMat takes perhaps the most pride in our developed methodology for Quality
Control.  This system has been used extensively on our prior contracts, and we believe that it is flexible enough to
apply to most Department of Defense contract.  This system has been a major factor in minimizing change order
requests over the past five years.

The key staff positions in our Quality Control Program are those of the designated Executive Sponsor and of the
Quality Control Manager.  The elements of our Quality Assurance Plan are incorporated into our Corporate Quality
Control Manual and includes Cost Control.

We strictly adhere to all project budgets on each of our projects.  To do this we have in-place software systems,
which utilize Microsoft Project for estimating and tracking all project costs for our company’s current contracts for
the United States Army Corps of Engineers and multiple private sector clients.

Geo Mat is cognizant of the overall cost and the budget allocated for each individual project.  Consequently, the
needs of each client are given careful attention.  Any selected subconsultants have been pre-qualified for the
maintenance of the same type of project cost controls.  For project estimation we use computerized estimating
system, including the National Construction Cost Estimator and Means Cost Guidelines.  We have confidence in
our estimation ability, as our accuracy has been proven to be high; our change order record for requiring cost
increases has been minimal to none.

Our plans accurately reflect the as– built conditions at any remedial construction site.  We have learned that all
projects have their many unique needs and through our programming approach and our extensive background
experience in environmental construction, we have developed detailed and specific methods that accurately reflect
existing conditions.  We have performed surveys and analysis for many sites requiring environmental remediation
that precisely determine their needs and enables us to provide the optimum solutions for programming, design, and
estimating for construction.  We carefully review our projects, and re- review to determine exact conditions.

Our firm will provide computerized background drawings for distribution to all consultant disciplines.  Our project
controls system and quality control program are then implemented to coordinate insure, and monitor our projects to
verify that the projects as built conforms to the plans and specifications.