Managing today's environmental liabilities requires strengths in the
areas of technology application, regulatory comprehension, and
financial assets. Founded in 1987, GeoMat Engineering, Inc. (GeoMat)
provides comprehensive environmental services for industrial and
hazardous waste management needs.

GeoMat offers an in-house team of professionals and has a large pool
of supplemental staff in reserve with substantial capabilities. This in-
place reserve component of skilled environmental, engineering, and
construction professionals provides the firm with the capacity to rapidly
produce multiple task assignments simultaneously.  This capacity has
been tested and proven through the issuance of multiple, Indefinite
Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts by the branches of the
Department of Defense and through repeat task assignments by private

GeoMat is a multidisciplinary civil, structural, geotechnical and
environmental engineering firm dedicated to providing comprehensive
and high quality services to both private and public sector clients.  
GeoMat has completed several projects for the cities, counties, federal
and private clients in California. Our team’s past performance can be
verified by contacting the company’s past and current clients.

GeoMat's highest priority is to serve clients through aggressive
implementation of practical and cost-effective solutions to environmental
challenges. The firm offers responsive and economical service to its
clients for a variety of environmental needs.

With its Corporate Office located in Laguna Hills, California, GeoMat has
a second location in Sacramento to serve the needs of the firm’s
Northern California client base.

The GeoMat staff and management professionals hold numerous
licenses and certifications in their respective fields – engineering,
environmental assessment, and construction.  These include
registrations as Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists,
Registered Environmental Assessors.  GeoMat also holds a State of
California General Contractor’s ”A” license.
Our company is a network of engineers, scientists, and construction professionals.  With this basis of technical
training and experience directed toward the earth sciences, we have, since 1987, acquired a core competence in
the following clearly defined areas:

•        Civil/Environmental Construction
•        Civil & Geotechnical Engineering
•        Environmental Engineering.

Virtually all of our firm’s tasks for either public or private clients require the use of both our academic and technical
training and our company’s project experience for reaching a swift, technically sound, and contractually compliant
resolution to the engineering challenge of each specific task.  Yes, GeoMat has verified a minimal level of technical,
engineering, geological, and environmental competence by successfully gaining licensure in our respective
technical field, but we have further proven our competence through years of project completion where we have met
and exceeded our client’s expectations.

GeoMat's management believes that construction, engineering, geological, hydrological, and other technical
services must be directed by professionals with significant experience in disciplines that are relevant to these
service areas. Therefore, GeoMat forms multidisciplinary teams, particularly for long-term projects, to encourage
innovative thinking and flexible approaches to solving our client's problems. This practice permits project managers
to develop teams with the best possible matrix of skills and experience to meet the needs of the individual job. As a
result, GeoMat has established a reputation for its sound approach and competence in a wide range of technically
demanding areas.

Our staff’s proven experience within our three areas of core competence exceeds an assembled total of over 200
years.  Together, we hold over twenty (20) patents in soil detoxification, environmental, and system technologies.
This same staff has published numerous studies, reports, and data summaries in national and international journals
and delivered summaries of these in formal presentations to our technical peer associations, including the National
Academy of Science and the National Science Foundation.  Several of our staff members have curriculum vitae
displaying graduate and post-graduate academic teaching experience at some of the world’s leading universities.  
GeoMat’s staff believes that it must always maintain its “technical edge”, not only through state-of-the-art project
performance, but also through a lifelong continuation of the academic learning process and the sharing of
corporate experience with our technical associates in the public and private sectors, including our academic
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